All Containers in your Bag are numbered relating to which dish they are for.  Dishes are numbered here in the cooking instructions. 

To get you in good stead, organise your containers into the numbers on the boxes and have a read through the cooking instructions before you start cooking. While reading pop your oven (180°) on to pre heat. Enjoy your cooking 🙂

Cooking Instructions

Cured Meats, Gherkins, Confit Tomatoes   *Mustard, Sulphur
Arrange on a plate and allow to come to room temperature

Spiced Smoked Nuts *Nuts

Sherry Mousse, Rice Crackers *Sulphur, Dairy, Eggs, Celery
Place in a microwave or pan and heat until warm, whisk well before serving.


Menu 1

1 – Garlic Pork Filled Tortellinis
Onion & Pork Broth, Peas, Thin Slices of Baby Gems, Grated Comte Cheese
*Gluten, Eggs, Dairy* 

Place the pork broth into a pan, add 100ml of water and bring to a simmer on a medium heat. Once simmering turn down the heat and add your tortellinis. Continue to cook for for 3-4 minutes. Meanwhile place the peas and lettuce into the bottom of a bowl. Now you are just about ready to serve. Using a spoon, spoon out the tortellinis and place on top of the peas and lettuce, grind a little fresh pepper on top and sprinkle the cheese over. Pour the broth into a jug and serve on the side. 

Now this little bowl of goodness is everything you need right now. Warm, rich, meaty…it is a hug (from much needed loved ones right now) in a bowl. The idea has come from the classic French Onion Soup we have just added a bit of Benedicts magic and a rocket up its back side and hey presto our new Starter was born! The only serving advice really for this dish is turn the lights off and grab a spoon. 

2 – Bread Crumbs Topped Pollock 
Sauce Gribiche, BBQ’d Leeks 
Gluten, Dairy, Eggs, Fish, Mustard*

Pre-heat Oven to 180°

Place the fish onto a tray and spread the mustard on top, now cover with the bread crumbs and pat down lightly. Lay your leek beside and add the butter on top. Place into the oven for 8-10minutes (your fish is already cooked so you are only warming the fish through) check it’s warm in the middle then remove from the oven. 

Plating is easy for this one! Lay your smoked leek on one side of the plate and place the fish beside. Spoon a large dollop of the Gribiche sauce on the side and you are good to go. 

This is a great and I mean great fish dish everything you need in food. The fish is so fresh, the brown butter bread crumbs are salty and nutty. The smoked leek adds a different flavour and the girbiche sauce just finishes it off. So sit down and put on the sounds of an english fishing village in the background (I am thinking sea gulls, the clattering of the fishing boats masts and the distant and faint sound of the floating buoy bells playing in the back ground) This dish is a mini break on a plate! By the time you have finished you will be booking a holiday in Hastings/ Southwold or even Grimsby.  

3 – ‘Strawberries & Cream’
Strawberry Soup, Marinated Strawberries, Mint
*Dairy, Eggs*

First place the kettle on. Once boiled pour the hot water into a bowl and now remove the lid for the Crème de Vanilla and carefully place into the water making sure to not get any water inside. Only for a few seconds to encourage our little friend out of the tub. Once loosened place into a bowl, pour over the strawberry soup and garnish with the rest of the bits and bobs! Dive in!

Now unfortunately there is no Wimbledon this year and the idea of smelling that grass and listening to the grunts of the players as they hit the ball will not be there this year to accompany this true British classic that is strawberries and cream. So do your best to recreate that in your own home! There is only so much we can do! Chin Chin and lets have a Pimms! 


Menu 2

4 – Cured Mackerel Terrine
Cucumber, Apple, Horseradish
*Fish, Dairy*

Carefully remove the terrine from the box and pop onto a plate. Spoon the seaweed mayo on the side and add the cucumber salad along with the leaves. Job done! 

If this dish does not get your taste buds going nothing ever will! It is sweet, fresh, salty and creamy.

Mackerel is amazing at the moment and the classic combo of horseradish, cucumber and mackerel to me is summer all over! When I was young my grandparents would take my sister and me to Cromer and our mum would say come rain or shine you will have a good time and say as much to nanny and granddad, which we would do even if we were in duffle coats fearing we would be blown off the cliffs! But one of the highlights was when nanny would disappear to the back of the car for about 10 minutes and then materialise with a hostess trolly full of 80s greatness! From Chocolate Penguins, Mr Kiplings French Fancies (personal favourite) and tupperware boxes of crisps and who knows what! Then on to the sweaty sandwiches of mackerel pate, cucumber, and ham & mustard. So this terrine is my Grandma’s sandwich without the sweat. Come join me in the back of Grandads Ford Sierra and don’t forget to look as if you are enjoying yourself.  

5 – Smoked Ex Dairy Cow Sirloin
Herb Butter, Salted Baby Gem, Mushroom Ketchup
*Mushrooms, Dairy, Sulphites*

Pre-heat the oven to 180° 

Remove the beef from the bag and place onto a tray, put the herb butter on top and in the oven it goes for between 8-10 minutes for medium rare, medium 11-14 minutes and well done 16 minutes – 3days. When hot remove from the oven, twist freshly ground pepper over it and rest for 1-2 before eating. After the beef has been in the oven for 5 mins add the baby gem lettuce and tomatoes to the tray.  Then place back into the oven until your time is up. 

Meanwhile place the brown butter jus into a pan and bring up to a simmer on a medium heat. Once hot remove from the heat. To plate just think steak night! On a warm plate lay the baby gem down first, slice your steak and place on top, then add the tomatoes and spoon the mushroom ketchup off to the side. Serve with the sauce in a classic sauce jug. 

This is all about the meat! And I mean Meat! No frills just great produce. I like to think and look at things as a person or how i would like to be treated and the ex- dairy cow from fen farm is the prime example. Theses cows have worked hard over 8-10 years producing incredible milk for the best British cheese there is……..Baron Bigod from Fenfarm in Suffolk.  Now normally ex dairy cows after their time is done are killed off and turned out onto the heap. Which is a poor show to me, as I said I like to put myself into the hoofs of others and I would like to know after all my hard work is done I would get time to go out to pasture. So that is what Johnny at Fen Farm does with his lady’s. And after that, every little bit of the cow is used and so the circle of life continues. Moral of the story, treat things like you want to be treated. 

6 – Dark Chocolate Torte 
Raspberry Purée, Raspberries
*Gluten, Eggs , Dairy*

Chocolate, Chocolate Chocolate. Sometimes it is great to be a grown up and this torte is one of those times! Dark chocolate is such a grown up pleasure! I think deep down it only comes from necessity, as if you have children it is always the last chocolates left in the box! So you grow to love it but once you are in you are in for good! The addition of the Raspberry makes this the prefect dessert to finish your grown up dinner! Hurrah for being a grown up! There has to be some joy! 


Menu 3

7 – A lá Grecque Vegetables 
Quails Eggs, Leaves

Place all the vegetables into a small pan and bring to a simmer just to warm through (you can eat this starter cold if you wish! But I prefer it a little warmed) Once warmed pour the dressing in the pan and move around the pan until all the vegetables are coated. Spoon the dressed vegetables into the middle of a small plate and arrange neatly (only if you can be bothered) Slice your eggs in half, season with a little sea salt and place them on top. Garnish with your flowers. Dig in and enjoy.  

This little wonder of a dish is inspired by my time at the Waterside Inn, Bray with the Roux Brothers. The A lá Grecque vegetables was for a long time my responsibility so the smell of the spices take me right back to being 20 years old in a french kitchen not really knowing what the hell was going on! Not much has really changed apart from no one swears at me in french anymore! A lá Grecque Vegetables basically translates as ‘in the style of Greece’ . So the vegetables are marinated in a rich tomato and spiced marinate over night. Now you will see there is a little theme with our dine at home meals! And this is no exception! Imagine  we are on holiday in one of the beautiful greek islands with sand between our toes and a handsome waiter/waitress chatting up our partners while you sip on an Ouzo (which you hate but they have just offered you a free glass and you feel obliged to drink it) But who cares you are on holiday! 

8 – Tart of Ratatouille 
Red Pepper Chutney, Paprika
*Eggs, Gluten, Mustard*

pre- heat the oven to 180° 

Place the tart case into the oven for 4 minutes, just to warm through. Pop the plate in the oven too to warm also. In a pan warm the ratatouille. Remove your warm plate from the oven, spoon the courgette puree into the middle of the plate (the warmth of the plate will warm the puree), spread with the back of your spoon so it looks like a round disk in the middle of your plate. Then pop your tart case on top. Carefully add the red pepper chutney, level out and now spoon the ratatouille into the tart case to make a mount. Add the red pepper mayo on the side and garnish with a few basil leaves. Twist of pepper and good to go go. Yes it is that simple.

Have you ever seen the Disney Film Ratatouille? If not it is a must! The tart is light and crisp, the ratatouille is full of flavour and the courgette puree just brings it all together. Now I would love to tell you a story of my time in Paris finding my way to become a culinary Master but alas that is not the case! This dish is inspired by the film as much as it is for the amazing flavours and our head chef Ashley. Now in the film there is a sous chef who is mysterious, hard working and a bit scary! The rumours were that he had killed a man with just one thumb…Well not only does Ashely look like him, Ashely is similar in all the ways I just mentioned (well apart from the thumb thing I hope) Even if his thumbs do look like they have been through a mincer and could kill a man, I have just never asked! So that is why I love this tart so full of flavour, colour and generosity! Just like the man that has inspired it. 


9 – Vanilla Rice Pudding 
Cherries, Feuilletine
*Gluten, Dairy*

Place the rice pudding into a pan and bring to a bubble. Once bubbling turn down the heat and simmer for 2-3 minutes. Warm your cherries if you wish, but you can also use them as they are. Spoon your rice pudding into a bowl, add the cherries on top and sprinkle the crispy crepes over. 

YES, YES, YES is all is needed to say about this.

Vegetables for all menu’s:

10 – Boulanger Potatoes, Savoy Cabbage, French Beans, Turnips & Radishes

Pre-heat oven 180° 
Place the potatoes onto a buttered oven tray and pop in the oven for 10-14 minutes or until hot all the way through. 
Pop the Vegetables into the Microwave for 2-3 minutes or until hot, or warm through in a sauce pan on a medium heat. 

We would like to take this moment to say thank you for purchasing one of our oven-ready meals. In these difficult times kindness, support and indulgence are so important. So thank you again and we can’t wait to see you at Benedicts soon.

Richard, Katja & Team Benedicts