Tailored Benedicts Gin

Yes we have mini versions of our very own
Tailored Benedicts Gin available for sale.
A sigh of relief is heard across the Land...

100 ml Bottle                                                    £20

Benedicts Mini Gin Gift Set                            £22.50
Includes Gift Box & Garnish

Payment can be made over the phone or in person here at Benedicts.
Please call or email us for further details. 

Benedicts Trifle Mug

Your morning Brew just got better :)

Treat yourself or family and friends to our epic:

Benedicts Trifle Mug                                 £10

Benedicts Trifle Mug Gift Set                   £12.50
includes Gift Box and 20 gr Benedicts Blend Tea

Please email or call us to buy. 

Benedicts Extra Pale Ale

Norwich, Benedicts, Beer, Restaurant Benedicts, Pale Ale

Our very own and brewed with love Extra Pale Ale has hit the shelves :)

It's available to buy as a single bottle or in packs of 4 in our eco friendly carrriers

Pack of 4              £ 14.00

Single Bottle      £ 3.90

The Benedicts Tote Bag

A Fashion 'Must Have'   

Payments can be made over the phone or in person and of course the Tote Bag can travel by post.

Call or email us for further queries.